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Book and Lyrics by Sarah Hirsch

Music by Nick Myers


BECOMING DAVID is an original dark comedy about Chris, an overweight, gay 29-year-old from North Dakota, who moves to New York City looking for love.  Chris falls in love with an art student, Sam, whose upcoming thesis show involves Michelangelo’s sculpture “David.”  When Sam rejects Chris’s romantic advances, Chris proposes that together they transform Chris into a real-life version of the sculpture David for Sam’s art show.  Chris secretly hopes that, once he becomes beautiful, Sam will love him back.

Driven by a choir of nasty, whimsical voices in his head (the “Hotties”—a contemporary Greek chorus representing everyone who has ever fat-shamed him), Chris sets out to achieve the perfect body.  When he discovers that even the David isn’t perfect by today’s standards, his quest for perfection spirals out of control.  BECOMING DAVID explores our society’s obsession with physical perfection, and the desperate—sometimes dangerous—lengths we go to silence those voices in our head saying we’re not worthy of love. 



at the Dramatists Guild Fellows Showcase at Playwrights Horizons

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