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The Queen and the Orphan

A Children's Musical

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Sarah Hirsch


8 M, 7 W, flexible ensemble


Published by Heuer Publishing Company





The plot revolves around haughty Queen Lucy, who is constantly enraged that no one treats her like royalty. When her father, King Frederick, leaves on a mysterious business trip and puts Lucy in charge of the palace, she finds herself powerless to control her staff. One of her new servants refuses even to divulge her name, while the rest of the cooks and maids go on strike. Away from the palace, an elderly man named Roberto continues his 30-year search for his missing daughter. Both plots involve Devin (a.k.a. Melvin Nickel), a palace butler who cannot decide whether to escape the palace (and his twin brother Brad) with his beloved Priscilla. While in the city for a meeting with Priscilla, Devin is recruited to join Roberto’s search team. King Frederick’s return to the palace sets in motion a wild chain of events forcing Devin and Lucy, along with various other characters, to confront questions of both personal and social identity. 

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