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Spring Fling Kidlit Contest Entry

I had a great time writing a story for Ciara O'Neal's and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez's Spring Fling Kidlit Contest! Here is my entry, inspired by this gif:


The Hummingbird Who Wasn’t Heard

(150 words)

Henry was a hummingbird--

A quiet, gentle hummingbird.

Ma said, "Spring is coming, bird.

Time to find a mate.”

"Go, sing your song, dear.

Catch a lovely lady's ear.

Quick! Shoo! Out of here.

Time to procreate."

After packing up his nest

(feathers fluffed, dressed his best),

Henry flew, east to west,

warbling in the wind.

Very soon he'd have a mate.

Think how Ma would celebrate!

Tiny Henry couldn't wait.

As he sang, he grinned.

Several hours fluttered by.

He saw only empty sky.

Henry muttered, "Wonder why

I don’t see a soul…”

"Is my singing very bad?"

Henry felt extremely sad--

sadder than he ever had.

Tears began to roll.

“Cheer up, chap!” yelled the breeze.

“All my blowing through the trees

Drowned you out—apologies!

Keep on singing, bird!”

Henry’s voice was fine, you see.

Every voice is, actually.

Here’s the key:

Make sure you are heard.


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